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Haven't actually been there to eat since it changed hands, but heard from a friend that they do takeaway very well. Last week got duck spring rolls, And nam jim chicken. Delicious and plenty for two when not very hungry. Recommended. Look forward to going there to sit down and eat.

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Pros & cons. Went here for breaky, which I feel is always an interesting way to make a judgment on a place, especially a place like this which I REALLY want to come back to for lunch &/or/+ dinner because menu looks AMAZING and we actually ended up staying so long with our breaky that the lunches started to come out. And if my eyes are not mistaken the lunches looked mighty fine.Okay so down to business:- Coffees took 40 minutes to arrive, bit of a classic error. When they came out, one was wrong.Anyway, we can see past that seeing as we weren't in a rush- I had the muesli which was stated to come with berries. Now look I don't mind if it doesn't come with berries but please don't tell me it comes with berries and then NOT have it come with berries? Have I said berries too many times? Am I bitter that I didn't get berries? Maybe a little bit. But I am omitting a small amount of evidence - it did come with two strawberries. So maybe when they say "comes with berries" that's what they meant. Not my idea of comes with berries which I was sad about, but look I still did enjoy it. Moving onMuesli was nice and crunchy, full of dried fruit and drizzled with a little bit of honey, had a decent blob of yoghurt on top. I was offered milk when I was halfway done eating which I thought was an interesting time to ask, but thank you for asking none the less.Friend 1 had poached eggs which were PERFECTLY and I mean perfectly poached. Looked amazing. SUPER generous amount of smoked salmon served. And dukkah and hybridy looking tomatoes on some good looking bread with avo.Friend 2 changed her order around a LOT (vegan/gluten free/you know the drill). The staff were incredibly accommodating and that all came out perfectly and the price was really reasonably adjusted.Staff were great & it's a lovely big space with comfy, heavy wooden furniture, makes you feel like you're sitting at a friends house.So the long and short of it is: great service & I'd like to come back for lunch or dinner after which point I'll maybe change my rating.