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Another rib with South African influence dish. So many branches opened up last 3 years and added the opportunity to have good ribs in Sydney. I came and tried 2 slider and ribs combo, and I was full of up to the max. It was a good meal, came back at any time for the ribs

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Great priced juicy ribs which fall easily off the bone & sauce not too sweet but just right, it also covers it just enough so it isn't swimming in the sauce. Also got the butchers pocket beef burger. Don't be fooled by the simple look of this burger, it tastes like burgers in the US with a nice chargrilled flavoured juicy medium party, American cheese pink sauce, lettuce & tomato on a nice fluffy bun. Also got the beetroot salad to sort of freshen things up - simple & delish but could do with a few more pieces of beetroot? Food doesn't take too long to be made & although staff can take a while to sometimes take your order, they are friendly. I've been here a few times but this was my first time trying the burger & will definitely try it again!