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This is a list with the full menu from Cafe Phoenix! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared. The dishes of Cafe Phoenix from Sydney has a lot to offer you. Is there something you like? Or search for other restaurants with menus in Sydney. Call +61292238822 for questions or prices and if they are open or not.

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I took a group of my staff out for lunch as a thank you for the work they have been doing and they opted for yum cha at Sky Phoenix.We had an excellent meal. I felt the yum cha was of a very good standard and we had a pretty wide range of dishes. The only dish that is a waste of time is the plate of friend noodles that literally has nothing but noodles in it. The food comes round fast and continuously which is important for yum cha. Very good - will be back!

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I have been going to Sky Phoenix for many many years ,I think they might have been in the Glasshouse before Westfield . But must say the last three times I have been very disappointed with the lack of service .The quality and variety of dishes that seem to go around and around .By the time you get it it's cold and tasteless ,One has to ask for every thing .soy sauce ,chilli paste .etc You have to wave to get attention from the trolley ladies ,I'm old and when you are old you become invisible to the younger staff ,Come on Sky Phoenix lift your game .......I won't be back !!!!!!!!!!!