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I am actually obsessed with these delicious babes. Choosing a favourite would be akin to asking a mother to select their preferred child. I'll narrow it down to the salted caramel and the red velvet though. At $6 a pop they are line priced with most doughnuts so relatively reasonable in my opinion (although I do think we have redefined the norms for what's acceptable these days regarding sugary treats). The fillings are generous though and they are a sweet sweet delightful dream come true. Staff are absolutely lovely too. Quite frankly just take my money.

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I know almost everyone comes here for their scrolls but I've been here only twice so far, and both times, I ordered pizzas instead of their scrolls, although I do plan on sampling their scrolls perhaps next visit. This particular time I came, I ordered their meat and cheese pizza with chilli flakes and lemon, and their sujuc pizza with egg. The meat and cheese pizza I've tried before, the first time I ever came here, and it was exactly as I remember it: great, but better without the lemon in my opinion. The lemon adds a citrus twist to it, but for me, it makes the pizza too sour, although my friend loves it, which is why we got it with the lemon. The chilli flakes are not chilli at all, but it does add a tiny hint of spice and lifts the taste of the pizza, so if you're like me and you can't eat chilli, don't worry, the chilli flakes are very much manageable. The sujuc pizza had pepperoni, tomatoes, a whole lot of cheese, and I got an egg on top as well. So far, this is my favourite pizza from here. It was delicious, flavorful, and it had the perfect amount of cheesey goodness without being overloaded. I also highly recommend adding the egg on top, although it does come a little runny still, so if you prefer your eggs cooked thoroughly, maybe let the waiter know to tell the chef. One downside though, the pizza was a little on the salty side, but I had a drink anyway, so it wasn't too bad. Last time I was here, I had their Zaatar wrap no. 4 and the cheese pizza. From memory, the wrap was delicious although not overly amazing, and the chicken was cooked beautifully, tender and juicy still. The cheese pizza was mediocre though, good but not great, although admittedly, there's not much you can do with a cheese pizza. The service here is average, they aren't especially friendly or anything, but they are polite and fast, to the point basically. My bill for the two pizzas and a bottle of Coke came to $21, which is pretty cheap, and very filling, even though the pizzas look deceivingly thin. TIP: come a little early if you want a wider selection of their scrolls, as when I came in the afternoon, there were only a few left.

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