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Really lovely selection of Vietnamese food presented in the banquet. The service was fast and friendly. The food was delicious, even if it was on the spicy side for some of our group, and we walked away full and happy

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Located on the prestigious Southbank 'foodie mile', Viet De Lite does for Vietnamese food what Ole does for Spanish and Ginga does for Japanese. Cram packed with peeps, with heaters fired up on a chilly winters evening, there's rarely a better time to experience something tasty, flavoursome and with a chilli kick. With a friend visiting from sunny Townsville, what better an excuse to experience a few exquisite dishes? A hope that rung true, whether it was the soft shell crab, the beef soup or the Lemongrass chicken, this was, Vietnamese cooking wise, the piece de resistance. The Pho (Beef Rice Noodle) Soup had tender, delicious beef, powerful chilli kick and tasty broth (including coriander, sliced onions and shallots, plus a side salad of bean sprout, basil, lemon and fresh chilli). The lemongrass chicken (Ga Xao Sa Te) had beautifully cooked meat with adorable flavour (stir fried chilli, lemongrass and vegetables) and the soft shell crab (Cua Rang Me) was pleasantly cooked, with Tamarind sauce on a layer of lettuce. The vegetables on the soft shell crab had a sweet and sour sauce that fitted well with the seafood, and the vegetables weren't 'sticky' like some you taste from certain Chinese or Hong Kong restaurants. Outside of our half eaten dry rice that lacked water and any extra class (the waitress was informed and apologised although no action was taken in the way of refund of rice) this was really special food, a special place and a must visit. The service was also good, with water constantly topped up, and a request to have the heater above our tables put on granted. A great night and introduction to Vietnamese food if it's on your 'to try' list!

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South Brisbane

South Brisbane

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South Brisbane, 12 Annerley Rd, Wolloongabba, Brisbane 4102.

Modern Indian • Casual Dining • Contemporary • Seafood • Indian • Vegetarian Friendly • Vegan Options • bars

The good:<br> <br> Tasty, beautifully presented and well-spiced Indian food.<br> <br> Friendly staff and efficient but not overbearing service.<br> <br> Kingfisher beer on tap.<br> <br> The soft-shell crab was near perfect, saag gosht was reassuringly fragrant and filling, the aloo gobi sabzi actually had a bit of bite and the toasted coconut rice was sensational.<br> <br> The not-so-good:<br> <br> The ambience - it's always really quiet every time I go past and we nearly didn't go in tonight because there was only one other couple inside. In the end we were glad we did but it was only because we'd had positive reports on the food from a couple of friends.&nbsp;<br> <br> If we hadn't had a recommendation then we'd probably have gone elsewhere. It must be disheartening for staff to turn up and cater to so few customers although they're very welcoming nonetheless.<br> <br> I wonder if changing the design of the entrance might make a difference? If you kept the outdoors seating area open for people wanting snacks/coffee/quick drinks and put some sort of partial screen to hide the interior to make it feel a bit more intimate then you might get a bit of atmosphere.<br> <br> Offering discounts to nearby healthcare workers and advertising on the hospital noticeboards might help. The food and staff are great but there's a spark missing.<br> <br> The naan bread was okay but small portions. If you've got a tandoor or similar then could you use it to make big teardrop shaped fluffy naan? The essential burnt bits and fluffiness were missing from the bread we ate.<br> <br> Unfortunately I don't think the name does you any favours. 'Colour Me Flavour' doesn't tell me anything about the food or what sort of cuisine you're offering.<br> <br> Higher-end Indian fusion is always going to run the risk of being a bit hit and miss. We stuck with the more traditional Gujarati specials because we figured the fusion stuff might be a gamble. Having eaten with you once we'd probably try some of the other dishes but for a first-time visitor they needed a bit more explanation on the menu to convince us to try them out.