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I know there are different takes on Saag curries. I prefer the pureed spinach variety - thick and 'army-man' green. This one was mild and creamy (a bit watery) with some green leaves floating around in it. I asked for a bit of extra heat when I ordered but I think they forgot. The beef was full of gristle, which I decided not to digest. I had to ask for serviettes and plastic cutlery for my takeaway. Glad I checked. It would have been very annoying if I got the park bench and had to go back again. Mains are a couple of bucks more than the other Indian joints in the area. But this place is only a short walk from my house, so I will almost certainly go there again to try the other dishes (next time Karen decides to vacuum the house on a Saturday night perhaps). But I definitely won't order a Saag or a red-meat curry.

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Journey to Everest is a clash of Indian and Nepalese food, which is always a delight. I got the Beef Rendang and Cheese Naan. The rendang was lovely - it was the right amount of spice that sent me sweating! The cheese naan was good as well, it was nice seeing the cheese actually in the process of melting when it was presented. I got the mango lassi as well - which was an interesting version of your usual lassi - it was significantly more sour than the usual sweetness that you'd expect. I'm not sure if it was the quality of mango used or some other factor but I loved that it wasn't overdosed in sugar.  Overall, the food was good, but I had a few issues with the place - firstly the portions are really small. The cheese naans were cut up into really small slices and there wasn't enough naan to go with the curry, which was a shame. Secondly the prices are waaaay too high for the portion size and quality of the food and establishment. I felt kind of cheated afterwards. Lastly, service can be a bit lacking sometimes, but the waitresses are extremely friendly. There's just not enough people to go around to attend to everyone quickly.