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Here you can get a no-frills dumpling hit, which still offers a funny atmosphere. The menu consists of dumplings, pork or vegetarian bread rolls, different versions of Boa / pancakes and some desserts. Just highlight your selection on the paper job sheet (including drinks) and you are good to go. The prices are reasonable and for $ 25, all we all had had a drink and the serene feel full of food. The duck pitch cakes were pending, but they can not really go wrong with food options. It is a close room and even on a Tuesday evening it was difficult to get a table.

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What a reward; What a pleasure! The concept, my authentic Asian with a classic cider and a foreign movie to enjoy a wall in front of me was too good. The food came out quickly, was fresh and surprised me. The mailing of the pork slider let me believe in love again (Haha). But nothing says love like a movie and a great food!

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