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7GRAMS! A fantastic place to eat lunch or dinner. We were late late, was absolutely empty, but the service was great! Very friendly staff and the best was, was your music just incredible! On a wet winter day, to sit only a meal of fried chicken and enjoy extremely fresh salads, the palate was such a pleasure. I recommend all to try this place ..! Grief Only what I would recommend is to add a pair of salt at the top. The fried chicken is a bit

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Roasted chicken is good. Korean fried chicken is bomb! Grief The location is quite small, but we were fortunate to sit a large group of us because of the rain. We were practically the only ones there. Grief It just seemed to give one person who works throughout the restaurant, but she was super nice and friendly. Grief We tried to make a special combo special that had the original fried chicken, sweet chili, soy and garlic (original is always the best thing I think) and I loved your spices that came with the meal (inlaid radish Celish!) Grief Personally, I believe that the entire Korean fried chicken tastes the same - whether it is of Gami, Nene or 7 grams. While I probably would not make the effort to come here, the chicken was still pretty bomb.

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