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Good diverse vegan options here, so I was very excited to try it! Grief The tofu gems were delicious, but for the price the serving was too small. I think they were under the net, but for a Main they disappeared too fast. The Egglant Entree was rather by default, not very memorable. Highlight for me was the vegan bao !! Sooooooo good. You have to go this when a slight fluffy Bao with a slight crunchy middle and delicious sauce was here. Grief We also ordered the vegan laksa and pho and felt both had done with a little more taste. Or rather an aroma like the real thing. I tried Vegane Phos that taste quite identically with the standards, but the one at the hem nine nine did not quite reach this level. I would not say that they both were bad, but only needed an additional Oomph and would have been incredibly tasty. Grief Would go back to the Bao - it was so good !!

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A narrow charging gift between Indian restaurants, which is hidden cute, but can still be discovered from the street. If it is open, the BI fold windows would open and you can sit on the bar and see people while eating and drinking, and the atmosphere opened. Grief Came here at the early Saturday evening, just as he had opened. We sat over the bar on a narrow table, which was pressed against the wall. I would have loved it to sit up, but I think it would have changed the atmosphere and the farm experience. Grief The menu in the hem differs from other Vietnamese restaurants out there and experience some truly unique dishes worth this place to visit and open your wallet. Grief With regard to the food: we ordered traditional caramelized pork with six mines eggs and their spicy noodle soup 'Bun Bo Hue'. The noodle soup was nice and delicious, but seems to be missing, and I think it would have been the specialty associated with this plate, but as for everything else or was a pleasure to eat. Grief I had a taste of the caramelized pork and it was a winner. The meat was absolutely tender and melted in your mouth and the eggs! How did you get that perfect? This is a court that is worthwhile to order here. Despite my noodle column, this place has so much potential, and I would come back to her famous Pho, which I could never taste during the first visit. There are some places where you would visit once, but this dining district deserves another chance. There are also so many other things to the road test.

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