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This is a list with the full menu from Corner Store Cafe! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared. The dishes of Corner Store Cafe from Brisbane has a lot to offer you. Is there something you like? Or search for other restaurants with menus in Brisbane. Call +61738702223 for questions or prices and if they are open or not.

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I've always been driving past this place and never had stopped to brunch there until the other day. I really love the setting here and the food and coffee is really nice! The staff are also very lovely too.

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This is a lovely setting and the food is better than average. However, service is not. Some staff are more interested in talking to each at the coffee machine than taking orders. I waited 20min for my order to be taken, and there were 4 tables in the cafe. One last thing, the smashed avocado is the definition of an overpriced meal which you could make at home. Two small pieces of toast with half of one avocado over them. The additions of ricotta dukkah and haloumi w/ carrot jam are nice but for $18.5 I think you can do better. I just got service! The guy with his hair in a bun just asked if I wanted anything else. I ordered a flat white. Which I'll enjoy. It's a pity the service isn't more like this.

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