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Not a good feed and bad service The food wasn't nice at all the service was rude abrupt the place had cigarettes down the seat as u can see I don't ever

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145 Ann Street, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane, Australia

Cafes • coffee

We got ourselves another pint-sized coffee place in the business area of town. Well, instead of being either bland in appearance or seeming out of place, this one has a diminutive cuteness about it. It is off to the side, and sort of needs a bit of an eye out - even with the signs indicating it is there - and seek it well. Instead of being grab and go, there is a bit of an oasis feel to Urban Q. Um, it is good. <br> <br> I was essentially walking between the train and bus stations before heading home, and felt like a bit of caffination along the way. This was on the way between the two posts, albeit having to cross the road for the usual route. It also was that time things were closing, so peeking in it was trying out luck - and success! Admittedly as well, I saw an opportunity to make a landmark review line-up, so it was also somewhat of an opportunistic maneuver on my part. <br> <br> Again, it is the coffee shop area in a business building's atrium. Basically for when the worker's are having breaks, just stopping in for the morning brew, or people sneaking in to get a cup of coffee. On the pavement outside are a few tables, and it is more or less a free-standing stall with cabinets on two sides to marvel at the available options. Somehow they keep a lot of stuff behind the counter, so it feels like there is so much in such a small space. <br> <br> Service is pretty efficient, getting in line and making the order without much fuss. It must be gaining a bit of a buzz in its early stages, as this was pretty late in the work day and there were more than half a dozen people waiting around for their orders. The name is taken, and then called out when it is ready to pick up. That is a good system that they have in place and will benefit them greatly. What also does not hurt is the smiles coming from behind the counter. <br> <br> Whatever you associate in having with coffee they have got - there are a range of sandwiches, and sweets plus specials that are constantly being updated and released. They could be a soup or a pasta, just keep tuned in to see. As for the beverages, it is all about coffee and chai here. With all that food available, some good news as well is that they do catering. That is shrewd and shows that they have their business sorted out. <br> <br> As per usual, it was a doppio that I went for - and bonus, no confusion. In addition to the coffee, I though of something sweet to go with it. Tossing up in my head from what was in the cabinet, when I looked around the corner there was a selection of doughnuts to be had. Those are always a big temptation of mine, and it was down to seeing what kinds they had and what was in the cabinet. When I saw that the varieties of doughnuts were filled, and what kinds there were, the fate was sealed. One of them was with nutella, and that sounded too unusual not to order. So along with the coffee, there was one of those. <br> <br> At first, what I was expecting was more or less run-of-the-mill kind of stuff. Getting the coffee into the system, it had everything that was needed right. The flavour was fairly like fruit, and the extraction was spot on. Also, the temperature was not too hot and the texture was smooth on the tongue. It was more or less what I expected. What I did not expect was just how good the Nutella doughnut was. Now, don't get me wrong it is simply pretty good and delicious, nothing on a must do list. But what really got me was just how much filling there was in it. In recent times, a jam doughnut (or any kind of filling) would simply be a little dollop, often quite off-center. Not this time, in fact I swear most of the inside was Nutella. Now whatever your thoughts on it are, there is no point in convincing either way - to me it was delicious. It was thick, nutty, kind of like chocolate, and - most of all - filling. The pastry around it was soft and moreish, plus the icing sugar made it all sweeter. <br> <br> So, basically what makes me give this place the 4.0, as opposed to the original intention of the 3.5, all came down to the doughnut. More or less, this is a standard coffee place within a business building's atrium offering the same kind of stuff. As it was said before with the doughnut, the big lot of filling was a real treat and that bumped it up an extra point. There really is not a whole lot more other than the personal preference right here; big and really filled, this is what makes a good indulgence when it comes to sweets.