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This is a list with the full menu from Choppd Healthy Food! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared. The dishes of Choppd Healthy Food from BRISBANE CITY has a lot to offer you. Is there something you like? Or search for other restaurants with menus in BRISBANE CITY. Call +61732217718 for questions or prices and if they are open or not.

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Bought watermelon lemon mint apple "digester" juice. Was expecting a pink juice but was brown and muddy. Probably a bit too literal interpretation of the name. They used the juicer first and then the dude used the blender to blend some ice in it. I'm sure I ordered juice not smoothie. Bit weird. But ok. Then received the juice and discovered they also blended the lemon including rind. What the?? Is chunky brown rind juice a thing now? Ugh...

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I came to Redstone tonight for dessertAfter browsing the menu, the Shrimp & Sweet Corn Chowder caught my eye so I started with that--great decision.

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