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Kind of felt like we were at a cafe back in San Francisco or Berkeley, where all of the vegetables and grains are raised cage-free and have voting rights. The place is definitely healthy, we think.  Half of the things going on our bread and spread we had never heard of but it was pretty tasty.  I think we had the life-force bread (only option) with macadamia tarragon butter spread?  We also got a Cacao smoothie from the fridge and a coffee with cashew milk (because they don't do cow's milk). Many of the items on the menu were from a special they did back during Christmas and no longer offer. Make sure you take up the barista's offer of helping when you arrive, as options may be more limiting than what is shown on the menu.  Cool quiet cafe spot, though.

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Of all of the cafes I was lucky enough to visit in Sydney, the staff at Orchard Street were my favourite. They have a beautiful space located on a street corner in Bondi, offering a plethora of fresh juices and smoothies, MediHerb medicinal liquid tonics (which I personally love), fresh takeaway meals and a small selection of books. I tried the "Vedic Milk" (activated almonds, brazil nuts, cardamom, turmeric, bee pollen, coconut nectar, gubinge) which really went down a treat one afternoon after a stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens.