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This is a list with the full menu from Grandma's! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared. The dishes of Grandma's from Alexandria has a lot to offer you. Is there something you like? Or search for other restaurants with menus in Alexandria. Call +61296991862 for questions or prices and if they are open or not.

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I came across grandma in Mcevoy today, today bu pure chance. When I drive through the area, I had elsewhere else, but could not get a car park. I focus, I spotted grandma's and pulled in. So glad that I did it. A merger of cafe, bakery and providence it was hard without walking a few tins of biscuits that have disappeared quickly in the office. I will definitely drop in the area whenever.

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Really pleasing experience with good food and good coffee. Friendly service that makes it more pleasant. When the food arrived, it was beautifully displayed and absolutely delicious. The bakery offered a wide selection of home treats and recommend the chocolate volcano cake with salted caramel. Absolutely mouthwash !!!