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This is a list with the full menu from Honki Tonki! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared. The dishes of Honki Tonki from Adelaide has a lot to offer you. Is there something you like? Or search for other restaurants with menus in Adelaide. Call +61420682461 for questions or prices and if they are open or not.

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Love this place just as much as its sister restaurant sit lo, sometimes making it hard to decide which one to go to! Helpful they are around the corner from each other in case I change my mind. Honki tonki hides away on hindley st near the Macdonalds. Small little place that I imagine on Friday and Saturday would be jammed packed so I always aim to go during the week. Love love love the pork and prawn wonton soup but most of all the roast pork soba noodles. The sauce on this dish is incredible! All the dumplings and wontons are yummy. Haven't had an egg waffle yet, usually too full from rest. Great portion size versus cost. Good beverage list, chrysanthemum tea and honk long milk tea are great and they are licensed now. Have also had the egg noodles with crispy pork via UberEATS eats which hits the spot.

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What a pleasant surprise... The restaurant itself is quite small ... The menu isn't extensive but they make simple food taste good. I had the mushroom glass noodles which was yummy .. also tried the fried chicken which was average but the pork dumplings were done well ... Polite waiting staff ... Quick food .. all in all , a good experience.. definitely will order again